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TIRR Memorial Hermann leads in rehabilitation of individuals who have survived COVID-19

TIRR Memorial Hermann Rehabilitation Hospital is leading the charge in the rehabilitation of individuals who have survived critical illness related to COVID-19 infection but have continuing challenges affecting their quality of life.

TIRR's breakthroughs in evidence-based interventions allow patients to go beyond the clinical setting, providing them with the opportunity to participate in important life roles in the home, work, and community environments. Our goal is to help patients achieve and maintain a maximum level of independent functioning and improved quality of life, after COVID-19. Individuals who have been treated for COVID-19, in addition to breathing difficulty, can experience muscular atrophy and physical weakness, a loss of balance and coordination, even cognitive issues due to a variety of factors. The effects and impairments each person faces are similar yet very unique. Therefore, our team customizes therapy and care for the individual based on their personal goals. If you are interested in learning more about TIRR Memorial Hermann’s rehabilitation services for post COVID-19 patients or any of your other patients, please do not hesitate to reach out to a member of our international team. Visit for more information.

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