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Pam King Sams, BA, CFRE, MIPP

Pam King Sams, BA, CFRE, MIPP, is the President and CEO of Pam King Sams and Associates, a consulting firm focused on strategic international partnerships. She serves as Senior Advisor to US and UK Healthcare organizations, Universities and Research Institutes seeking relationships with UAE entities who are searching for international partners in patient care, AI-driven technology and IP development, engineering and medical research collaborations, human capacity building activities and economic diversification opportunities.


After seven years at Johns Hopkins Medicine, Pam served in her 12-year role as Executive Vice President for Children's National Medical Center on the Sheikh Zayed Campus in Washington, DC., leading a development team of 110 professionals.

Pam devoted seven of those years to building international partnerships to improve the health of children worldwide and had a special focus on health in the Gulf Region after CNMC received $150 million (US) grant from the Government of Abu Dhabi. Pam has served as a Senior Advisor to University of California-San Francisco (UCSF Health), University of Pennsylvania (Penn Medicine), Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), University of Cambridge (UK), Memorial Hermann Health System (Houston), Mount Sinai Health System (New York), The Ohio State University, Hospital for Special Surgery (NY), The Salk Research Institute, University of Illinois, University of California - San Diego, among others. 


Pam has partnered with a number of United Arab Emirates’ governmental and private entities, such as the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Court, UAE Presidential Affairs Office, the UAE Prime Minister’s Office, the UAE Embassy to the US, the UAE Ministry of Health, the Health Authority-Abu Dhabi, Mubadala Health, STRATA, National Reference Lab (NRL), Khalifa University, Al Jalila Children’s Specialty Hospital, along with public and private healthcare entities, universities, and charitable foundations to coordinate 40+ projects related to innovations in medicine, AI-driven technologies, engineering, education, and human capacity building.


Pam brings 29 years of development experience to her consulting practice, including serving as a trainer at the US State Department’s Foreign Service Institute, educating diplomats and other government officials on Arabian Peninsula and North African culture, as well as the healthcare landscape. 
Pam holds a Master’s degree in International Public Policy, graduating from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. To learn more information, please go to

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