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We can help you do business in the Middle East.

We provide expert counsel and support in the areas of business development and on-the-ground partnership activities for international markets.   We help our clients identify how to best meet key market needs or find the best investment opportunities, and help them navigate the development of culturally sensitive relationships with appropriate business partners around the globe. Some areas of expertise:

- International Preferred Service Provider Partnerships
- Counsel on International Agreements and Contracts
- International Healthcare Advisory and Management Arrangements
- International Research Collaborations 
- International Global Health agreements
- Visiting Consultant Partnerships
- Philanthropic research, clinical and capacity building partnerships  


We maintain a specialty in planning, securing and guiding business visits in the Middle East, US and UK, based on strategic priorities, the relevant needs in country, and best fit.


Pam King Sams has led 70 trips and more than 90 delegations to the Gulf Region.  With innovation in mind, PKS and Associates provides onsite help with project development and guidance for the best return on investment for all interested parties.

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