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Safety Tips for buying food for home delivery, from TIRR Memorial Hermann Hospital.

UAE Partner TIRR Memorial Hermann gives tips on safely buying food for home delivery during the Pandemic.

Deliver, or Not to Deliver - Is it safe to order to-go meals or have food delivered to your home? Everything has its relative risk, including receiving food from the delivery person and from the restaurant. If you’re going to order in, order from locations and restaurants that you have visited and are familiar with. Avoid new or exotic foods for now, and avoid foods that are prone to upset your stomach. As for receiving food, once you receive the package, discard any bags, remove the items from containers and place them on your own plates. If possible, reheat food items in the microwave or oven. Before and after eating, wash your hand thoroughly. Can you get COVID-19 from eating contaminated food? Coronavirus is transmitted through respiratory droplets, but if the food that has been delivered or prepared has been exposed to someone with coronavirus, then there is a risk of infection. Because COVID-19 is a novel disease, our knowledge about it is still evolving. But in terms of coronavirus being food-borne—meaning it uses food nutrients to replicate or make pre-formed toxins—the answer to that is most likely no. How should you handle delivery packages at your door? Whenever a box or package arrives, open the box at the door, remove the products from the box and bring the products into the house while leaving the empty box at the door. Then discard or recycle the box immediately. Wipe down all products with a disinfecting wipe. Be sure to wash your hands throughout this process to lower your risk for picking up germs. For food items, wash fruits and vegetables before placing them in clean containers and refrigerating. Wash all clothing items before wearing them. If you do try something on before washing it, take a shower afterwards. For all deliveries, leave a note on your front door asking for all packages to be left at the door. Answers provided by Dr. Reginald Nguyen, family medicine doctor with Memorial Hermann Medical Group Sugar Land Primary Care.

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