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Ministry of Health and Prevention awarded GC Mark Certification in digital media management.

The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) has been awarded the Global Conformity Mark (GC-Mark) - Digital Media Management in Emergencies, the ministry has achieved the platinum category which is the highest evaluation level of this certification.

This global achievement is yet another testament to the ministry's commitment to enhancing the quality and performance standards and its strenuous endeavors to become a leading sustainable and innovative institution, as well as strengthen the UAE’s outstanding reputation and position in all global forums.

Following a rigorous assessment conducted by a multi-disciplinary team of DQS (one of the leading certification bodies for management systems worldwide) and IQNet Association assessors, HE Dr. Mohamed Salim Al-Olama, MoHAP Undersecretary and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Emirates Health Services (EHS), received the GC-Mark Certificate "Digital Media Management", in the presence of Wedad Bu Hamid, Director of the Government Communication Department, MoHAP.

Unprecedented achievement

HE AbdulRahman bin Mohamed Al Owais, Minister of Health and Prevention, said: "This is an unprecedented achievement that reinforces the UAE's status and competitiveness at the global level, by developing institutional performance and enhancing the concept of health sector governance in order to upgrade services and maintain their sustainability, in accordance with the approved global standards."

This global recognition culminates the efforts being made by the ministry to enhance the role played by digital media during emergencies and crises and data management on digital platforms, he noted.

The health minister extended his thanks to the ministry’s teams for this significant achievement, which comes in line with the plans and aspirations of the UAE government to be more flexible and keep pace with global developments. He added, it also falls within the state's vision for the sustainability of achievements and readiness for the future, while maintaining the gains and efficiency of sectors at all levels.

Impressive track record

Dr. Mohamed Salim Al-Olama commended the achievement, describing it as another significant milestone added to the impressive track record of the UAE and its health sector.

Al-Olama lauded the productive coordination and cooperation between the ministry and the Emirate Health Services (EHS) at all levels, including field and media levels, and their success in harnessing all the capabilities, resources, and experiences.

He added this recognition reflects the success, distinction, and efficiency in implementing the national resilience and business continuity, regarding the communication policy and the effective response of operational and media aspects.

Outstanding performance

Al-Olama hailed the stellar performance and professionalism of the Government Communication Department in the planning for effective media strategies, the innovation in using various internal and external communication channels, and the regular update of communication messages and media content.

He noted that the Department has efficiently and effectively capitalized on the ministry’s and EHS’s electronic and smart services in order to raise people’s awareness about coronavirus and consolidate the efficiency of the ministry and the EHS in utilizing the sophisticated digital infrastructure which has been developed according to a forward-looking vision.

First line of defense at the media level

Expressing her pleasure with the award, Wedad Bu Hamid said such recognition clearly reflects the tremendous efforts being made by the staff to achieve an influential and effective government communication system.

Bu Hamid added that the ministry and the EHS have put all their resources and capabilities to enhance the awareness of community members, raise their social responsibility awareness, and ensure their compliance with the Covid-19 precautionary measures.

She further said that the Ministry was keen to optimally and effectively use the visual components on social media to produce innovative, transparent, and credible messages that reinforce the outcomes of its surveys to measure community awareness levels.

She mentioned the challenging times we have lived in due to the pandemic clearly demonstrated the essential role of the digital government communication system “First line of defense at the media level”, thanks to its flexibility and its quick response to updates, in addition to the rapid communication with the public in various languages to reassure them and enhance their confidence in the efficiency of the government and health system by making them aware of all information and developments.

"The Ministry was keen to make use of all social media channels to educate the public on how to positively engage in and adhere to official instructions, while explaining all the measures taken by the government in a clear and transparent way and continuing the use of an effective, objective, credible, and impactful media discourse," she said in conclusion.

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