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Memorial Hermann Hospital on Cutting Edge of Neurological Research.

Neuromodulation Laboratory

Research under way in the Neuromodulation Laboratory is focused on understanding the effects of noninvasive brain stimulation techniques on recovery from central nervous system disease or injury. Investigators are also developing treatment protocols for noninvasive brain stimulation, with or without adjunctive therapy modalities, to reduce neurologic impairments across populations.

NeuroMyo Engineering for Rehabilitation Laboratory

In the NeuroMyo Engineering for Rehabilitation Lab, investigators are developing and promoting assistive training and rehabilitation devices toward function restoration for patients with spinal cord injury, stroke and other neurological injuries. To understand the neural mechanisms contributing to impairment of human voluntary motion, they record electrical activity from single motor units as well as from whole muscle in neurological injury patients. They are also investigating the effects of different clinical interventions to aid in the design of rehabilitation strategies targeting specific motor unit properties.

Neurorehabilitation Research Laboratory

Researchers in the lab are studying the neurophysiology and pathophysiology of sensory and motor functions at the system level in healthy subjects and in patients with neurological impairments using a variety of stimulation methods – transcranial magnetic stimulation; transcranial direct current stimulation; peripheral electrical, thermal and acoustic stimulation; and BreEStim. Their goal is to develop interventions that facilitate recovery of sensory and motor function after neurological impairments in patients with post-stroke spasticity, neuropathic pain after spinal cord injury and amputation.

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