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Free Webinar - Exploring the Long-Term Effects and Management of COVID-19 Cases.

As the claims industry looks ahead to evolve past the pandemic and restore a sense of “normalcy,” many questions remain about the novel COVID-19 virus and the long-term implications of the disease.

While most individuals who have suffered from COVID-19 recover within weeks, new research estimates 25% of COVID-19 patients will experience long-term, persistent symptoms. This condition phenomenon known as post-acute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 infection (“PASC”), commonly referred to as “long-haul COVID,” is characterized as a myriad of unpredictable, difficult-to-diagnose symptoms.

In this webinar, Paradigm and our panel of clinical experts will discuss what we have learned about this unpreceded disease and explore the unique categories of post-COVID conditions. Our panelists will review the latest clinical guidance on the diagnosis of these persistent conditions─with a focus on respiratory distress, organ dysfunction, and immune system deficits─and share updates on the emerging treatments and clinical management strategies for these challenging cases.

This course will also bring key insights into how post-acute facilities are responding to the ever-changing COVID-19 environment, modifying therapeutic programs to address the next phase of COVID treatment challenge, and re-engaging treatment partners including field case management providers.

Join us to learn more about this important topic and the long-term impact for patients on their road to post-COVID recovery.

CE Credit Information

This live, free webinar has been approved (or pending where noted) for one hour of continuing education (CE) credit for the following:

CEU adjuster

AK (pending), AL, AR, CA (WC), DE, FL, GA, ID (pending), IN, KY, LA, MN (pending), MS, MT (pending), NC, NH (WC & Multi), NM, OK (pending), OR (WC), TX, UT, WY

CE for national nurse

CCMC national

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