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Children's Hospital of Philadelphia exploring access to their expertise through Telemedicine.

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's Global Medicine Department is being creative in the ways they deliver care, and staying connected to the health care systems, insurers and providers across the globe. They are exploring ways to provide access to high-level pediatric subspecialty expertise through Telemedicine and Telehealth initiatives.

When a patient cannot travel for the expert medical care they are seeking, telemedicine brings healthcare to the patient. Innovations in remote medicine is playing a significant role in the way that providers treat patients during this pandemic and changing the way patients seek care. Utilizing telemedicine we can provide access to the same medical expertise sought in person and even more specialized expertise than may be locally available.

Our CHOP Global Medicine team has experience providing tailored services for partners around the world including remote medical second opinions, reassuring a family with an ongoing chronic illness, telemonitoring ICUs, or 24 hour real-time EEG monitoring. If a patient should need to travel to Philadelphia in urgent cases, telemedicine can be a starting point for pre-screening to assess the treatment options and gain more medical information on the patient prior to travel. We are ready to share our knowledge with you and develop a program that serves your patients. Click here to contact our Global Services Group.

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