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Abu Dhabi Green List: six new countries added to quarantine-free list.

The US, Spain and Germany are among the latest destinations from where travellers can fly without isolation

Abu Dhabi has updated its Green List, which includes countries from where travellers can fly without having to quarantine in the UAE capital.

Before new restrictions set to come into force on July 1 that will remove Covid-19 quarantine restrictions for most international travellers, six new destinations have been added.

The latest names on the list are:







It's the first time that the Abu Dhabi Green List has been updated in almost a month. The last update was on Sunday, April 25.

There are now 29 countries and destinations on the list from where travellers can fly to the UAE without the need to self-isolate. Passengers arriving from these destinations need only to undergo PCR testing on arrival at Abu Dhabi Airport.

Anyone visiting from a country not on the Green List must quarantine as part of Abu Dhabi's Covid-19 regulations. Vaccinated travellers need to quarantine for five days, while other travellers must self-isolate for 10 days.

The 29 destinations on the Abu Dhabi Green List









Hong Kong (SAR)








New Zealand



Saudi Arabia


South Korea



Taiwan (ROC)


United Kingdom

United States of America


Not all countries on Abu Dhabi's list are open for tourism. Travellers should check individual destination requirements for the most recent regulations.

The US is open for travel for people coming from several destinations, including the UAE. All passengers aged 2 and above need a negative pre-departure test result or documentation of recovery from Covid-19 before flying. The CDC says that tourists should quarantine for at least seven days after arriving in the US, but states and territories have their own quarantine requirements.

Kyrgyzstan is also open to travellers with a negative PCR test taken no more than 72 hours before arriving in the country. Visa on arrival services are not currently operating and tourists who require a visa must apply for this online before travelling.

Tourists are allowed to fly to Moldova from the UAE. Travellers with a negative test result obtained within 72 hours before time of embarkation will avoid any quarantine on arrival.

Until Tuesday, June 1, only citizens and residents of Azerbaijan can fly to the country unless travellers have a pre-arranged approval. Spain is also off-limits to UAE travellers for the moment, but will open to all vaccinated tourists with no quarantine periods from Monday, June 7.

People hoping to visit Germany from the UAE should be aware that the country has been designated as a risk-area since April. This means that anyone travelling to Germany must generally quarantine for 10 days upon arrival. The country is also under lockdown measures and travel for leisure purposes is not recommended.

Other countries on the list accepting travellers are Russia, with citizens and residents of the UAE permitted entry with a mandatory PCR test. The same applies for Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

Iceland and Morocco are also open to those travelling from the UAE, although only the latter is accepting unvaccinated visitors.

The UK is closed to visitors from the UAE, as it remains on the government's red list. Only British and Irish citizens and anyone with UK residence rights will be admitted to the country, and they must enter mandatory hotel quarantine for 10 days.

Tourists are prohibited in Japan, while in Cuba visitors can enter the country with a negative PCR test, but must go into quarantine at their own cost until taking a second PCR test on day five of their stay.

Visits to Portugal are restricted to essential travel only, with entry granted only to EU citizens, third-country citizens with residence rights in an EU country, and those travelling for study, family, health or humanitarian reasons. However, the tourism-heavy country has said it hopes to open up to travellers this summer.

Travellers to Switzerland have to provide a negative PCR test result, and visitors from certain countries have to go into mandatory quarantine for 10 days. The UAE is not currently on the list of countries required to quarantine.

Visitors to Taiwan must go into quarantine for 14 days upon arrival.

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