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  • Pam King Sams

Had a great Keynote Address at ADRP yesterday.

It was an honor to speak at the Association of Donor Relations Professionals (ADRP) Conference about Global Philanthropy and how US organizations might engage with global philanthropists‎ to fulfill the organization's mission for social good.

To summarize, philanthropists around the world want to engage in true partnerships with charities. They are motivated and excited when charities find ways to engage in their home countries, as well as advan

ce the work they are doing in the US.

In order to engage with global philanthropists, organizations need to do their homework and ask some key questions: What global philanthropists give to similar causes? What countries do they hail from? What do we need to learn about their culture so that we are more culturally sensitive and "tuned in" to their passions? Who knows them? Do we have relationships with them or with influencers?

As we begin to engage with these groups and individuals, we need to recognize that our communication styles and contextual understanding may be very different from theirs. We need to adapt and become more sensitive to their customs and styles.

If your organization is looking to develop international partnerships, contact me at:

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