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  • Pam King Sams

Speaking Tomorrow at ADRP!

I have some exciting news for my friends and colleagues who are involved in global fundraising and philanthropy:

Tomorrow, I will be presenting the keynote address at the 14th Annual Association of Donor Relations Professionals International Conference in Las Vegas.

The ADRP is the authoritative resource for the donor relations profession, with more than 1,600 members in 11 countries. Its members work in education, healthcare, the arts, and a variety of other nonprofit sectors.

I will be sharing my experience in global philanthropy and explain why it is important for donor relations and stewardship professionals to understand the nuances of fundraising in international markets, and why building partnerships are key to success.

My presentation, The Power of Philanthropy on the Global Stage, will discuss the many opportunities in international fundraising, and present solutions for charitable organizations that are starting to think about "going global" with their philanthropy efforts. I will also provide some insights and strategies on relationship building, and how to reach out successfully to communicate with, inspire, and then steward new donors. ‎‎

If you miss the conference, but would like to learn how to develop relationships with international donors and organizations, contact me at:

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